Carol Ann Duffy and Robert Macfarlane Exclusives


The collection, ISBN 97815 0982 7589, has an RRP of £10 and is available from your wholesaler or your local Macmillan rep.   Order forms  for all the IBW Macmillan offers are on the IBW site
Alongside the exclusive indie edition of the book, Macmillan/Picador are also running a Shore to Shore tour of indie bookshops, stretching over 15 nights and featuring bookshops from Falmouth to St Andrews.  Though the shops on the tour have already been chosen, the Shore to Shore tour is a fantastic initiative for our 10th Birthday IBW, and if you have customers who love poetry, please do point them to the tour details on the Macmillan Facebook page
The Tour – and the book – originated with Carol Ann Duffy herself, a passionate supporter of indie bookshops.  As Carol Ann Duffy says:
Independent local bookshops are here as long as we continue to treasure and support them. When I approached my publisher Picador with the idea of a national tour with a group of fellow poets, working in collaboration with independent bookshops, I was delighted by their enthusiastic response and that of the Booksellers Association. 
It is my belief that there is not a writer nor a reader in the land who is not passionate about local independent bookshops; Shore to Shore will celebrate poetry - our national art form -and our wonderful independent bookshops, so often the cultural heartbeat of their local communities.
In response to Carol Ann’s support, we’ve had a great response from booksellers too, including Nic Bottomley from Mr B’s in Bath: 'We’re going to do seriously well with that book – what a great thing for Macmillan/Carol Ann to set up for indie bookshops. That is the PROPER unique content that we need to make Indie Bookshop Day have a similar kudos to the Record Store Day equivalent.’
The Gifts of Reading
Also available is the wonderful IBW essay commissioned by PRH from Robert Macfarlane.
The Gifts of Reading, a 5,000-word essay on the power, beauty and value of the given book, will explore how every book is a kind of gift to its reader, and the how the act of giving books is charged with a special emotional resonance - an exchange of intellectual and psychological currency - that leaves both the giver and the recipient the richer.  Robert Macfarlane will recount the story of a book he was given as a young man, and how he managed eventually to return the favour, though never repay the debt
The book is available exclusively to independent bookshops for IBW, and the best way to get the title is to order through your PRH rep.  If you don’t have a rep, please email or
Here is what you need to know:  Publisher: Penguin - Format: 48pp paperback - Publication Date: 16th June 2016 -  9780241257340 - Price: £2.50
Please don’t be left short of these two fabulous exclusives – order now.