10 dogs that reside in independent bookshops


Across the country there are dogs residing in cosy bookshops and we wanted to introduce you to some of them during Independent Bookshop Week.


1. Aardvark Books


Here's Coco, and she is pictured here in the archaeology section (she likes a bit of digging!) and by the front door, about to go to work. She spends a lot of time in the office sorting things out and meditating in her basket, and sometimes gets to go for walks in the beautiful countryside around Brampton Bryan. She says hello to customers when in the shop but woe betide you if you open the office door without warning!

2. Alan Hannas Bookshop

Here's Molly and she's semi-famous round these parts (Rathmines, Dublin)

3. Atkinson Pryce



We have a few bookshop dogs! They variously accompany us into work when need be:
- Chris has Sox and Slipper – a Labrador and Labrador cross Spaniel.
- I have Badger – a Patterdale cross Jack Russell
- And Sue has Finn – a Labrador

4. Chepstow Bookshop


Here’s Ruby our shop dog with her favourite book.

5. Chorleywood Bookshop


Yes we have a Gruffalo (two cheeky spaniels, a one eyed Shih Tzu and a cat that loves to sleep in salad bowls).

6. Edge of the World Bookshop


Here's Luna!

7. Goldsboro Books


We have the lovely Mia, who is David Headley’s border terrier. She is one of the highlights of authors’ visits to the shop for signings and is becoming a little celebrity in her own right.

8. Mr B’s Emporium of Reading Delights


For the first four years our dog Vlashka was an ever-present in the shop. Then we had kids and she got demoted to home. She’s still going though, at nearly 12 years old. She’s a Czech street-mutt from our days in Prague before opening the shop and she lives on in the shop both as the error page on our website (she’ll sometimes appear sitting in a deckchair) and as one of our loyalty card designs. We have customers who still insist on being given the Vlashka design each time. We have delivery drivers who don’t remember her so fondly.

9. Nutshell Studios


We have a Bookshop dog at The Book Nut.  Her name is Gizmo and she enjoys falling asleep on books, eating important paperwork and watching the biscuit barrel.  We often have customers come in just to say Hello to her.

10. The Bookcase, Lowdham

Here's Laika, a rescue dog, who was a stray in Manchester, and now loves dozing in the shop and socialising with doggy (and human) visitors.