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A few more good ones

The Bookseller has a two page spread of photos from booksellers participating in IBW and a flickr stream too.

Now that IBW is over for another year (sigh of relief or little sniff of regret?) you should still be able to use the POS materials for the IBW Book Prize.  We enhanced the Prize POS this year with the full colour four-page leaflet showcasing all the shortlisted titles, and we hope you have been giving these out to your customers hand over fist!  Don’t forget to encourage your customer to vote for their favourite books, and very importantly, don’t forget to collate all your entries and send them back to the BA.  The closing date for entries is 30th August, but you can send them in any time in the meantime.  We are hoping to get a good number of votes and a fitting winner.  The winning authors – and the winners of the consumer competition – will be announced in September.

And don’t think just because the Week is over and Wimbledon is on we don’t want your IBW pictures – we do want them, please send them in!

IBW Book Prize Leaflet

Well we are getting some lovely photos in from bookshops (see below!) and we will be doing a spread in Bookselling Essentials, our BA newsletter, in the next week or two.  Rumour has it the Bookseller might have a few pics too this Friday!  We will also be sending out a survey to all IBW booksellers to get your feedback on how the Week went.  All the signs are that it’s been the best ever….!

We are getting some lovely shots in from booksellers – please keep sending, we want to do a picture gallery in the next issue of Bookselling Essentials, and the Bookseller magazine will use them too.  Please also send in links to local media coverage and/or press clippings.  Thanks – we hope you had a fantastic Week!

Also, hope you all saw the three-page spread on IndieBound in the Bookseller on Friday… Think Global, Buy Local

The lovely Kate Gunning has just written a blog for the Bookseller on her activity for IBW at the Newham Bookshop

Kate Gunning  Blog

More photos of bookshop events…

Overheard in a Bookshop

“Do you have maps?  You know, actual maps. Mappy maps…

People say the strangest things and every bookseller has stories to tell about some of the funny questions they’ve been asked or amusing things they’ve overheard whilst out on the shop floor. To celebrate Independent Booksellers Week this week, independent booksellers around the country were invited to share some of their favourites.

Congratulations go to competition winners Scarthin Books, Cromford, Derbyshire, who thought they had the perfect book for a customer asking if they stocked any titles on restoring boats…

Scarthin Books, Cromford, Derbyshire

Customer: Hello, I recently bought a wooden boat and wondered if you had a book that tells me how to go about restoring it?

(having recently acquired several boxes of second hand boating books):  Actually, we do….we have one called How to Restore Your Wooden Runabout (Boat) by Don Danenberg.

Mmmm…that’s not quite what I was looking for…

David Booker, Publishing and E-commerce Manager, Scarthin Books, said: “We are really pleased to have won, it’s made my weekend.  We have the Celebrating Cromford Festival during IBW, so we’ll be sharing our prize of a case of wine with our staff and customers during the festivities.”
Other entries which made the judges’ shortlist, highlighted some of the unusual requests and quirky moments in the day in the life of an independent bookseller.  They include:

2. A rather smart middle-aged female customer, accompanied by a sullen looking teenager who, having browsed for a while, bought a copy of The Hitch-hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.
Half an hour after leaving the shop, she reappeared at the counter waving the book and demanding her money back. When one of the shop’s staff asked what was wrong, she replied:
“It’s absolute rubbish – there’s not even anything about Italy in it. My daughter is planning to go Euro-railing in the summer and there don’t seem to be sections on any of the countries she wants to visit.”

3. Said by one elderly lady to her companion as she was browsing the gardening section…
“The first time I was kidnapped…”

4. “Do you have maps? You know, actual maps. Mappy maps…”

5. A customer, on seeing a copy of Great Expectations:
“Look, they bring books out on all the TV programmes now.”

6. “Can you tell me if Anne Frank wrote any other books?”

7. Customer: I’m quite a staunch feminist you know.
Bookseller: Er…..hello
Customer (handing over a slip of paper): Could you tell me whether you’re able to get hold of these 3 titles on feminism for me…
Bookseller: No problem, I can order all three of them and they should be here by tomorrow.
Customer: My goodness, aren’t men so much quicker with technology than women!

8. Customer: I need two presents, but they can’t be books, because we’ve got too many.
Bookseller: We. Are. A. BOOKSHOP.

9. A customer, asking for a copy of one of their bestsellers, socialist classic, The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists by Robert Tressell:
“Do you have a copy of The Ragged Legged Anthropologist?

10. “I don’t know why you bother with Waterstone’s down the road… There’s no way you can compete, it seems futile…I’ll take these ones please.”

11. A lady approached the counter holding a copy of David Copperfield and asked:
“Did Charles Dickens write any shorter versions of his books?”

12. Bookseller’s daughter, on spotting Richard Hammond’s new book facing out on the shelf and said:
“Look, there’s the man with the big red balls.”

Caxton Books & Gallery in Frinton held a Bedtime Stories event this week – a great success!  We’re looking at creating a Gallery for IBW pics, so do please keep sending them in!

Elaine Silverwood from Silverdell Bookshop in Kirkham featured on Simon Mayo’s Drivetime on BBC Radio 2 last night, and had the presenters in raptures over her specially devised A-Mayo-zing ice cream (not my pun…!) – you can hear Elaine on – she was on about 6.35 pm.  She also had a Lynda La Plante event last night – she too got her own ice cream, Blood and Bones…!